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Summer Stories – Samarth

Samarth's Summer Pool PartyOne Saturday I had a pool party. My friend Bhavik came to the pool party. When he came I was so excited to see him with his sister. My sister was excited too. He changed his clothes and his sister did it too. We then went outside to throw water balloons and went in the pool with a water slide. The babies took all the water balloons. Bhavik and me were mad. We told the adults. They did not care. We did not like it too. Then we were very bored. Then we got out of the pool and took a bath. My sister did first. After that we ate dinner. Then someone else came. We then watched Sponge bob. Then they went. The end of the story.

Samarth Sharma
7 1/2 years old


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FIAM Flickr Group

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