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A United Nashville Indian Community Initiative to support Open Table Nashville

FIAM will have a donation box setup at the Masters Martial Arts Academy (7240 Nolensville Rd, Nolensville, TN 37135) and at Rachana Agarwal’s house (1605 Hillwood Dr, Brentwood, TN ) starting from Monday December 19, 2016. We are in the process of adding a drop off location in Murfreesboro as well.

We will continue to collect until January 14th 2017.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Rachana Agarwal @ 563-340-1654.


FIAM Diwali Program in the Papers

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for a great Diwali program this year.  We got a writeup about the program in Jan Darpan.

Check it out at:


Summer Stories – Mudra

The Best Summer Ever

In June 2010, I flew to 3 different countries. First, I went to India for 2 weeks. I went shopping there and played with my cousins. Then, for one week, I went to London. I took some tours and learned very interesting facts. Then, for the last week, I went to Switzerland. We walked and looked around. We took very few tours there. We climbed to a snowy mountain and played in the snow.

The last thing we did for our trip is look at live bears in person. There were 4 bears: 1 adult, 1 young adult, and 2 baby cubs. I liked it when the baby cubs played together. Then we flew back home. I had a fun time, but I missed home a lot.

By Mudra Gupta

10 years old

Summer Stories – Kiran

Every Thursday and sometimes Saturdays, I have swimming lessons.  And I have lots and lots and lots of fun with Ms. Shannon.  And I love to play at home and in the Adventure Science Center.  And I love to go to the Planetarium and watch these different kinds of videos in the Adventure Science Center in the Planetarium.  And I love to do photographs with Ms. Shannon and print them out and put them in frames.  And loooooovvvvveeeee to listen to songs.  And I am going to go to Theater camp.  And I went to Zoo camp and Cheekwood camp.

Kiran Gupta

5 1/2 years old

Summer Stories – Nadia

Nadia Murtaza

My Summer Pool Lesson

One day I went to MTSU and my mom signed me up for swimming lessons in level 3 and I did it for two weeks.  My teacher was Ms. Christy and six people were in my class. My friend was Zoe and we learned many swimming skills and rules, we also had fun going on the slide and diving board.  At the end of class every day I got to go free swimming and it was great for those two weeks.  At the end of the whole class we got a certificate and candy and I was so happy.

The End!

Nadia Murtaza

8 years old

Summer Stories – Samarth

Samarth's Summer Pool PartyOne Saturday I had a pool party. My friend Bhavik came to the pool party. When he came I was so excited to see him with his sister. My sister was excited too. He changed his clothes and his sister did it too. We then went outside to throw water balloons and went in the pool with a water slide. The babies took all the water balloons. Bhavik and me were mad. We told the adults. They did not care. We did not like it too. Then we were very bored. Then we got out of the pool and took a bath. My sister did first. After that we ate dinner. Then someone else came. We then watched Sponge bob. Then they went. The end of the story.

Samarth Sharma
7 1/2 years old